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meg + tim / brisbane highlights film

In hindsight calling it ‘the hottest ticket in town’ was perhaps just a little pretentious.

I’d planned on running a competition for some time but couldn’t come up with a title that suited what I had in mind. I was reading a book to one of my daughters one night and that phrase came up in the story so ‘hottest ticket in town’ it became and from there I was stuck with it.


ever since meg + tim submitted their cartoon + poem and won this thing, I’d been looking forward to their day.

and ever since their wedding, I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you.

because on this day. and in this place. and with this group of family and friends.

there’s nowhere else I was meant to be.

meg + tim. thank you.

the skinny on meg and tim’s day:

ceremony: roma street parklands
first look: ‘the flying duck’
reception: melange café
celebrant: natasha lewis
photography: sweethope photography
meg’s dress: her own design (!)
music licensed and used with permission