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marisa and richard / sunshine coast hinterland highlights

no words from me this time.

nothing I write would do justice to this day.

just watch.

the skinny on marisa and richard’s day:

co-ordination and location: events of noosa
photography: todd hunter mcgaw
flowers: mondo floral designs
music+entertainment: rush entertainment
hair and makeup: lily fontana
lighting: fifalite
music licensed and used with permission

millicent and david / my teammate

when i was young there was a running family joke that I remember getting trotted out pretty regularly…

‘where’s matthew?’ – and the answer would invariably be:

‘he’s making something’

i was always off searching, collecting, cutting, sticking, drawing, painting, gluing…basically a lot of my time was exploring and crafting things together.

looking back it’s easy to see the similarities between what I did then and what I do now. although a large amount is acheived in camera on the day, it’s in the edit where things really start to take shape.

when milli contacted me she said – we totally love what you do – we want something different – be as imaginative as your want with our film.

to a creative this is like having a blank canvas of awesome.

of course it had to be balanced with still capturing everything perfectly but i had quite a few ideas and concepts running through my head.

milli and david.


the skinny on millicent and david’s day:
photography: jess marks photography
reception: thomas corner eatery
music licensed and used with permission