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Every brand has a story.

Every product, service and brand has a story behind it.

They all started with a seed; an idea, a thought, a passion.

The story that’s behind the brand helps customers relate and connect to what it is that you do, offer, or represent. Done well, the power of quality film not only educates potential clients + customers, it truly engages them.

Everything I do is driven by story. Conveying what’s happening, whether big or subtle, and interpreting that through light, camera movement, the lens and into the edit suite to really shape and mould it into something honest and meaningful.

This careful listening + observational approach is 100% applicable to businesses or brands that need to get their message out there. To really connect the viewer and deliver something emotive and powerful.

Over the last few years I’ve produced brand films for quite a few different industries – from boutique photographers to farmers to international airlines and everything in between.

There’s been innumerable studies about the power of high end video and how large a portion of internet traffic it takes up now. Put simply – if you don’t have video, you’re missing a big part of the picture

If you felt engaged by what you’ve seen of what I do, and need your brands story told or a message delivered…get in touch.

Would love to start a conversation.

Every brand has a story behind it. Tell yours well.

a wedding scene storyboarded

storyboarding is something that is more suited to productions where there’s a high degree of pre planning taking place. corporate shoots, short or feature films, that sort of thing.

the type of production where scenes can be planned – usually through sketches – and then exactingly shot and re-shot based on the production brief – referring back to the storyboard as a reference.

it’s not really suited to weddings due to the unpredictable, fluid nature with how things happen.

I would never storyboard a scene from a wedding. it’s the complete opposite to how I approach a wedding day.


if I was ever going to do it, I’m pretty sure the resulting storyboard would look exactly like these few frames from C+L’s film.

you don’t want to miss seeing this celebration.

coming soon…