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caroline and paul / love is what has brought us here

every wedding, each couple, each unique story changes me in some way.

being exposed to an amazing range of differing people, personalities and life experiences and absorbing a little of each is a beautiful thing indeed.

travelling and having the opportunity to be a part of the days surrounding a celebration gave me a rare + privileged insight, and I took away much more than I’d ever imagined I would.

it changed me in the most profound way.

I’m always aware that there’s more than just the wedding day chapter of the narrative. there’s so much more story, just waiting to be told.

caroline and paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to tell yours.


planning + coordination: veronika from ali’i kauai weddings
ceremony: kelvin ho
wedding dress designer: helen english for paddington brides
photography: jonathan moeller

blessing officiant (friend melissa spilsted) from hypnobirthing australia
venue: mavis’ kitchen
flowers: hitomi wilson from b sweet flowers
makeup artist: hong from le rouge beauty
photography: kate nutt

soundtrack licensed through the music bed and song freedom

ashlee and chris / shaftston house + riverlife brisbane

imagine this…

a wedding film that doesn’t feature speeches or any footage from the photo shoot.

crazy huh?

lucky I’m drawn to those real moments.

ashlee and chris.

chris’ preparations: hilton hotel brisbane
ceremony: shafston house
reception: riverlife naval stores
photography: studio con brio
celebrant: colleen swanston
their dog: lola (she needs a website)

a wedding scene storyboarded

storyboarding is something that is more suited to productions where there’s a high degree of pre planning taking place. corporate shoots, short or feature films, that sort of thing.

the type of production where scenes can be planned – usually through sketches – and then exactingly shot and re-shot based on the production brief – referring back to the storyboard as a reference.

it’s not really suited to weddings due to the unpredictable, fluid nature with how things happen.

I would never storyboard a scene from a wedding. it’s the complete opposite to how I approach a wedding day.


if I was ever going to do it, I’m pretty sure the resulting storyboard would look exactly like these few frames from C+L’s film.

you don’t want to miss seeing this celebration.

coming soon…

tamika and shaun / tweed coast hinterland highlights

I alternated between crying and laughter putting the edit from tamika and shaun’s day together.

It’s tough editing with tears in your eyes.

for real.

the skinny on tamika and shaun’s day:

location: private property Velleron House
celebrant: jacqueline smith
catering: the larder
music licensed and used with permission

a deux belettes wedding film / allissa and grant

for me, part of growing/improving/evolving what I do is to reflect back on work I’ve done, and taking the time to look at could have been improved on.

would I compose my shots differently?

would I be in alternative places at certain times of the day?

and one of the biggest…would I make different editing decisions?

on occasions I’ve wondered what it would be like to revisit a wedding some time on and see how different the result would be.

I guess this is as close as I could ever get to finding out.

allissa and grant were married almost one year ago to the day at the magnificent deux belettes. their highlights film was one of the most touching pieces I’ve put together and also one of the most viewed.

the cards all fell into place to revisit their wedding story when allissa looked into the possibility of a feature film edit as a surprise first anniversary gift for grant (and themselves)

as I went back through the footage and moments from this beautiful day.

there’s not a thing I would change.

not. a. thing.