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katie and lee | mum – it says ‘happy wedding’

there’s something inherently beautiful about any family unit, whatever the dynamics or make up of it.

witnessing the energy and love that parents pour into their kids is something special.

katie and lee had booked me for their wedding quite some time ago but it was postponed for 12+ months when their family of 3 expanded by +1 with little daisy.

the day spent with them was as fun as it was inspiring – and that’s saying something.

“mum – it says ‘happy wedding’…”

the skinny on katie and lee’s day:
ceremony: north byron events
photography: blue tulip imaging
celebrant: michelle shannon
music licensed and used with permission bit.ly/JvNZ9o

looking back, looking forward and georgina and rhys

~ looking back ~

if I was one for penning new years resolutions, on 1st january 2012 there’s no way I could have wished for a better year. it has been something special.

I could go on and on about it but I’d rather be brief. I have met so many special people, witnessed so many inspiring moments, and been let into so many families celebrations.

I’ve worked hard and grown a lot. I’ve also been constantly reminded how fortunate I am – it is something I don’t take for granted.

~ looking forward ~

as I look through my diary for 2013 I can’t wait for what’s on the horizon. I have one more wedding to shoot for 2012 and after that I’m taking an extended hiatus. it’s time to step back, rest, reassess a few things, and to reconnect.

a huge thank you for all of your support through this year. I wish you, your families and loved ones a very safe and happy festive season.

~ georgina and rhys ~

on christmas eve 2011 rhys proposed to georgina. shortly after that she contacted me and checked what dates I had available. I knew I had to be a part of it.

their day was immaculately styled, beautifully warm, and overflowing with reminders of the importance of family relationships.

I can’t think of any better way to finish the year than sharing their wedding film with you.

I loved it.

the skinny on georgina and rhys’ day:
location: private family property
celebrant: the wonderful michelle shannon
lighting and dj: pip from byron audio
catering: eatdrink catering
music licensed and used with permission bit.ly/JvNZ9o

jocelyn and anthony / main feature film

jocelyn and anthony’s wedding in reverse piece has touched quite a few people.

more than i could have imagined.

they’ve very kindly given me permission to premiere their seventeen minute main feature.

inspired by amélie.

the magic of winter at Deux Belettes.

100% jocelyn and anthony.

jocelyn and anthony / a wedding in reverse

this is going to be a little more wordy than most of my posts but bear with me.

ok…so where to start…

a winter wedding.
deux belettes.
jocelyn and anthony.
my 1st ‘first look’.
a four hour degustation.
speeches that had me hooked from start to finish.

i’m not sure it could get much better.

joc told me a couple of weeks before their wedding they were planning on having a ‘first look’ – her and anthony meeting in private prior to the ceremony and then having their photo shoot before exchanging vows. naturally having never shot a first look before i was pretty excited.

first looks are popular in the US & canada but they’re not so big in oz – yet. if you’re considering it, having been there for one now, i can highly, highly recommend. there’s something very special about seeing each other prior to the ceremony.

so – onto my method and also the edit.

i’m always trying to look at fresh ways of approaching things. whether it be consciously trying to see things differently, shooting in a new, more meaningful manner or editing using a completely different concept.

i not only want each piece to truthfully represent and honour each couple and their wedding but also endeavor to push myself creatively as much as possible.

complacency is an uninspiring option.

so…being that things were happening in a slightly different sequence i had the idea of editing their day completely in reverse.

turned out to be much more challenging than i could have imagined.

jocelyn and anthony – thank you so much for having me along – i trust i’ve done justice to your amazing day.

here’s the result.

jocelyn and anthony’s ingredients:
videography: matt barwick films
photography: feather and stone photography
celebrant: emily jade o’keefe
ceremony and reception: deux belettes country guesthouse
catering: your gourmet
co-ordination: creative weddings byron bay