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millicent and david / my teammate

when i was young there was a running family joke that I remember getting trotted out pretty regularly…

‘where’s matthew?’ – and the answer would invariably be:

‘he’s making something’

i was always off searching, collecting, cutting, sticking, drawing, painting, gluing…basically a lot of my time was exploring and crafting things together.

looking back it’s easy to see the similarities between what I did then and what I do now. although a large amount is acheived in camera on the day, it’s in the edit where things really start to take shape.

when milli contacted me she said – we totally love what you do – we want something different – be as imaginative as your want with our film.

to a creative this is like having a blank canvas of awesome.

of course it had to be balanced with still capturing everything perfectly but i had quite a few ideas and concepts running through my head.

milli and david.


the skinny on millicent and david’s day:
photography: jess marks photography
reception: thomas corner eatery
music licensed and used with permission bit.ly/JvNZ9o

allissa and grant / deux belettes highlights

don’t rush.

there’s absolutely no hurry.

take your time.

pause a little.

and savour every single, precious moment.

this is your day.

breathe all of it in.

let this wonderful day wash over you.

allissa and grant.

allissa and grant’s ingredients:
photography: justin / bushturkey studio
co-ordination: Maria/Divinity Signature Events
celebrant: michelle patterson

sakhee and ashwind / bollywood on the gold coast

sakhee and ashwind.

a day exploding with love. colour. traditions. rituals. family. laughter. joy. emotion. celebration. promises.

aint that everything the perfect wedding really is..?


did i mention the dancing..?

sakhee and ashwind’s ingredients:
videography: matt barwick films
photography: clare sophia
hair and makeup: donna sullivan
location: links hope island

imelda and anthony / i’m greek…what are you?

i’m a little uneasy when the attention’s on me. this is well known in my family.

it was quite humbling walking into imelda’s preparations. I knew through our chats and emails she’d felt a connection to my work – maybe I didn’t realise how much.

“Uncle Neville – this is the guy I was telling you about. Remember all the clips that I showed you over and over” she said after a quick introduction.

it was extremely flattering hearing this, and I kind of wanted to just disappear into the walls. What I do is really 100% about the couple, their uniqueness, their story and their day – self serving promotion is not really my style and i have no desire become a ‘rock star’ videographer (is there even such a thing?) – so on the occasions when the attention is turned back on me it’s a little bizarre. Having said that, it really does give me so much enjoyment when couples appreciate and well, just get what I do.

I hadn’t shot a greek orthodox ceremony for quite a few years and forgot the somewhat ethereal, spiritual quality that surrounds the ceremony and proceedings. it quickly came back to me.

unlike a lot of wedding traditions, the couples don’t exchange vows. in actual fact they don’t say anything during the ceremony.

it’s probably best summed up by the words of the father conducting the ceremony:

“in the orthodox church the wedding service is not so much an exchange of promises, as it is a dedication of a relationship of love to God”

during this edit I laughed, had goose bumps, and even had tears in my eyes on more occasions than i dare mention. I figure if that was what i was feeling then i was on the right track.

here’s Imelda and Anthony’s wonderful story and their amazing day.