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K&C @ DB

this journey I’m on. these couples I meet…and these celebrations I get to witness and play some small part in.


two people, two families and two cultures coming together. that’s what this day was all about and everyone involved was so, so fortunate to be included.

what a trip this journey is.

K&C’s day through my eyes:

the skinny on K&C’s day:
location: deux belettes
photography: bushturkey studio
co-ordination: byron bay luxury weddings
celebrant: family
catering: seaweed cuisine
reception music: the romaniacs
music licensed and used with permission

christine and paul and isaac and ethan / belongil + deux belettes

I’m thinking back and reflecting…

it was just the 4 of them for the entire day – christine, paul and the boys isaac and ethan. just hanging out. no rigid schedule to follow, just a loose plan.

they overcame many obstacles to make it happen exactly as they wanted. not the least of all a last minute venue and date change, but happen it did. and it was perfect

wonderfully intimate and genuine, vulnerable and crazy at times, original and inspiring, full of laughter, heartfelt promises and yes, plenty of tears. everyone involved couldn’t help but be moved.

I cannot thank you enough for letting me in to a most special of days to share it with you.

I’m thinking back and reflecting…

and I am happy.

the skinny on christine and paul’s day:

the morning: byron luxury beach houses
the afternoon: deux belettes
photography: bushturkey studio / justin see their wedding day story here
celebrant: zenith virago
planning: parfait weddings / whitney
catering: your gourmet
music licensed and used with permission

a deux belettes wedding film / allissa and grant

for me, part of growing/improving/evolving what I do is to reflect back on work I’ve done, and taking the time to look at could have been improved on.

would I compose my shots differently?

would I be in alternative places at certain times of the day?

and one of the biggest…would I make different editing decisions?

on occasions I’ve wondered what it would be like to revisit a wedding some time on and see how different the result would be.

I guess this is as close as I could ever get to finding out.

allissa and grant were married almost one year ago to the day at the magnificent deux belettes. their highlights film was one of the most touching pieces I’ve put together and also one of the most viewed.

the cards all fell into place to revisit their wedding story when allissa looked into the possibility of a feature film edit as a surprise first anniversary gift for grant (and themselves)

as I went back through the footage and moments from this beautiful day.

there’s not a thing I would change.

not. a. thing.

allissa and grant / deux belettes highlights

don’t rush.

there’s absolutely no hurry.

take your time.

pause a little.

and savour every single, precious moment.

this is your day.

breathe all of it in.

let this wonderful day wash over you.

allissa and grant.

allissa and grant’s ingredients:
photography: justin / bushturkey studio
co-ordination: Maria/Divinity Signature Events
celebrant: michelle patterson

jocelyn and anthony / main feature film

jocelyn and anthony’s wedding in reverse piece has touched quite a few people.

more than i could have imagined.

they’ve very kindly given me permission to premiere their seventeen minute main feature.

inspired by amélie.

the magic of winter at Deux Belettes.

100% jocelyn and anthony.