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I remember having a conference call with Seph and Kirit 12+ months out from their wedding celebration. they were in the office on the weekend and the air conditioning was off – it was hot, hot, hot.

despite it being over a year away, they had a very clear vision of their day.

above all else it was to be a celebration – not just of them as a couple but the journey they’ve been on – from zambia to brisbane…a ten year romance after meeting on one of the first day of university (and consequently ending kirit’s dreams of a hugh heffner-esque lifestyle) – it was also a celebration of their future life together.

I felt like I was a perfect fit to document their wedding story. I for one am excited to see where their journey takes them.

the skinny on seph and kirit’s day:
ceremony: st augustines hamilton
photography: silver edge
reception: hillstone st lucia
music licensed and used with permission

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