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caroline and paul / love is what has brought us here

every wedding, each couple, each unique story changes me in some way.

being exposed to an amazing range of differing people, personalities and life experiences and absorbing a little of each is a beautiful thing indeed.

travelling and having the opportunity to be a part of the days surrounding a celebration gave me a rare + privileged insight, and I took away much more than I’d ever imagined I would.

it changed me in the most profound way.

I’m always aware that there’s more than just the wedding day chapter of the narrative. there’s so much more story, just waiting to be told.

caroline and paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to tell yours.


planning + coordination: veronika from ali’i kauai weddings
ceremony: kelvin ho
wedding dress designer: helen english for paddington brides
photography: jonathan moeller

blessing officiant (friend melissa spilsted) from hypnobirthing australia
venue: mavis’ kitchen
flowers: hitomi wilson from b sweet flowers
makeup artist: hong from le rouge beauty
photography: kate nutt

soundtrack licensed through the music bed and song freedom

a wedding kept under wraps / rachel and chris

it has to be said…

planning a wedding yourself can be a major, sometimes even a daunting task. it can take a huge amount of time and attention and challenges. it’s not for the fainthearted and this is why great wedding planners exist.

so – imagine doing all of this, all by yourself, and at the same time keeping it all under wraps. barely anyone to bounce ideas off, allocate various tasks to or confide in.

this is what rachel and chris undertook. rachel is a photographer herself so she knew what she was up for, and she just did it.

they didn’t want anyone to go to any trouble…no cards, no new outfits, no gifts, no fuss.

‘come to our engagement party’ they told their friends and family.

‘just come celebrate with us’

it was only 2 weeks prior that they told their parents what was happening. and that they didn’t need to do a thing.

everything had already been organised.

add to all this a first look, some secret messages read around a corner from each other, a cracking party with a sparkler lit first dance, and it’s very rare that you’re a part of a celebration like this.

in the rhetorical words of chris’ dad ~ ‘how good is life?’

rachel and chris’ preparations at lyndoch by the lake; making up by house of glamour; hair by shannon from glamour hair design; flowers and ceremony arch by alstonville florist; ceremony performed by jo kilburn; photo taking goodness by lauren + tara; sky daddy trio rocked the party; and a massive thanks to tony + kim from down converys lane for opening their place and making everyone so welcome

meg + tim / brisbane highlights film

In hindsight calling it ‘the hottest ticket in town’ was perhaps just a little pretentious.

I’d planned on running a competition for some time but couldn’t come up with a title that suited what I had in mind. I was reading a book to one of my daughters one night and that phrase came up in the story so ‘hottest ticket in town’ it became and from there I was stuck with it.


ever since meg + tim submitted their cartoon + poem and won this thing, I’d been looking forward to their day.

and ever since their wedding, I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you.

because on this day. and in this place. and with this group of family and friends.

there’s nowhere else I was meant to be.

meg + tim. thank you.

the skinny on meg and tim’s day:

ceremony: roma street parklands
first look: ‘the flying duck’
reception: melange café
celebrant: natasha lewis
photography: sweethope photography
meg’s dress: her own design (!)
music licensed and used with permission

millicent and david / my teammate

when i was young there was a running family joke that I remember getting trotted out pretty regularly…

‘where’s matthew?’ – and the answer would invariably be:

‘he’s making something’

i was always off searching, collecting, cutting, sticking, drawing, painting, gluing…basically a lot of my time was exploring and crafting things together.

looking back it’s easy to see the similarities between what I did then and what I do now. although a large amount is acheived in camera on the day, it’s in the edit where things really start to take shape.

when milli contacted me she said – we totally love what you do – we want something different – be as imaginative as your want with our film.

to a creative this is like having a blank canvas of awesome.

of course it had to be balanced with still capturing everything perfectly but i had quite a few ideas and concepts running through my head.

milli and david.


the skinny on millicent and david’s day:
photography: jess marks photography
reception: thomas corner eatery
music licensed and used with permission

jocelyn and anthony / a wedding in reverse

this is going to be a little more wordy than most of my posts but bear with me.

ok…so where to start…

a winter wedding.
deux belettes.
jocelyn and anthony.
my 1st ‘first look’.
a four hour degustation.
speeches that had me hooked from start to finish.

i’m not sure it could get much better.

joc told me a couple of weeks before their wedding they were planning on having a ‘first look’ – her and anthony meeting in private prior to the ceremony and then having their photo shoot before exchanging vows. naturally having never shot a first look before i was pretty excited.

first looks are popular in the US & canada but they’re not so big in oz – yet. if you’re considering it, having been there for one now, i can highly, highly recommend. there’s something very special about seeing each other prior to the ceremony.

so – onto my method and also the edit.

i’m always trying to look at fresh ways of approaching things. whether it be consciously trying to see things differently, shooting in a new, more meaningful manner or editing using a completely different concept.

i not only want each piece to truthfully represent and honour each couple and their wedding but also endeavor to push myself creatively as much as possible.

complacency is an uninspiring option.

so…being that things were happening in a slightly different sequence i had the idea of editing their day completely in reverse.

turned out to be much more challenging than i could have imagined.

jocelyn and anthony – thank you so much for having me along – i trust i’ve done justice to your amazing day.

here’s the result.

jocelyn and anthony’s ingredients:
videography: matt barwick films
photography: feather and stone photography
celebrant: emily jade o’keefe
ceremony and reception: deux belettes country guesthouse
catering: your gourmet
co-ordination: creative weddings byron bay