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every wedding, each couple, each unique story changes me in some way.

being exposed to an amazing range of differing people, personalities and life experiences and absorbing a little of each is a beautiful thing indeed.

travelling and having the opportunity to be a part of the days surrounding a celebration gave me a rare + privileged insight, and I took away much more than I’d ever imagined I would.

it changed me in the most profound way.

I’m always aware that there’s more than just the wedding day chapter of the narrative. there’s so much more story, just waiting to be told.

caroline and paul, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me to tell yours.


planning + coordination: veronika from ali’i kauai weddings
ceremony: kelvin ho
wedding dress designer: helen english for paddington brides
photography: jonathan moeller

blessing officiant (friend melissa spilsted) from hypnobirthing australia
venue: mavis’ kitchen
flowers: hitomi wilson from b sweet flowers
makeup artist: hong from le rouge beauty
photography: kate nutt

soundtrack licensed through the music bed and song freedom

4 thoughts on “caroline and paul / love is what has brought us here

  1. Matt, you’ve outdone yourself. A fine fine tribute to two beautiful people and “… the closet of the close have assembled around their hearts…” thanks Matt, brilliant x

  2. Dearest Matt, One Year Anniversary today! We really treasure this gorgeous, soulful artistic piece of film that you created as a memento from our Wedding. My heart pounds every single time I begin the film. It was all worth it. Thank you.

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