a wedding kept under wraps / rachel and chris

it has to be said…

planning a wedding yourself can be a major, sometimes even a daunting task. it can take a huge amount of time and attention and challenges. it’s not for the fainthearted and this is why great wedding planners exist.

so – imagine doing all of this, all by yourself, and at the same time keeping it all under wraps. barely anyone to bounce ideas off, allocate various tasks to or confide in.

this is what rachel and chris undertook. rachel is a photographer herself so she knew what she was up for, and she just did it.

they didn’t want anyone to go to any trouble…no cards, no new outfits, no gifts, no fuss.

‘come to our engagement party’ they told their friends and family.

‘just come celebrate with us’

it was only 2 weeks prior that they told their parents what was happening. and that they didn’t need to do a thing.

everything had already been organised.

add to all this a first look, some secret messages read around a corner from each other, a cracking party with a sparkler lit first dance, and it’s very rare that you’re a part of a celebration like this.

in the rhetorical words of chris’ dad ~ ‘how good is life?’

rachel and chris’ preparations at lyndoch by the lake; making up by house of glamour; hair by shannon from glamour hair design; flowers and ceremony arch by alstonville florist; ceremony performed by jo kilburn; photo taking goodness by lauren + tara; sky daddy trio rocked the party; and a massive thanks to tony + kim from down converys lane for opening their place and making everyone so welcome

Narelle Besseling - Fantastic.

Julie S Sparke - Beautiful Rachel ….

Kate Gordon - Chris & Rachel …what a joy. May you love like that for all your days ♥

Lisa Joslin - Magical ❤️
Brings tears to your eyes

Byron Bourne MuArtist - Such beautiful work Matt!! Your have composed the perfect story line. Amazing!

Christine Preston - Wow love it! Great work Matt x

jade + paul + kaden + vera / meet the reids

meet the reids.

jade + paul + kaden + vera.

they’ve been through more in a few short years than most families will ever go through.

I loved having the chance to be a part of their day.

jade and paul’s day:
jade’s preparations: deville apartments
celebrant: karen miles
ceremony + reception: southport yacht club
reception: botanical café
photography: benjamin hurt photography

sarah and russ / brisbane feature film

sarah and russ.

I’m not even sure where to begin.

my mind immediately flashes back to the email they sent me when they decided to go ahead.

it was brief…this is word for word:

“Sarah & Russ here… you’re ridiculous. We must have you for our wedding.”

it was a big decision, and that email still brings a giant, goofy grin to my face.

enjoy the story of their day with their feature film.

I love the fact that russ still calls sarah ‘Browny’.

russ and sarah’s day:
sarah’s preparations: sofitel brisbane
russ’ preparations: royal on the park
ceremony: macarthur park
reception: botanical café
photography: mary jane

Mary-Jane Photography & Design - Fantastic & beautiful video Matt! Will definitely be linking this when I get around to adding their wedding to my website!

tif and rey / o’reilly’s vineyard

my philosophy and approach to weddings is pretty simple.

for me, they are less about the traditional ‘big’ moments and more about those breaths in between;

less about chasing that huge ‘epic’ (ugh…) shot and more about being aware of being in the present;

always trying to distill the real essence of the celebration I’m a part of.

so being a part of tif and rey’s celebration definitely struck a chord with me. they were…dare I say fastidious in their wedding planning.

they wanted to make sure everyone had an amazing time.

everyone they had providing goodness on their day was carefully hand selected so they would not only provide the best possible celebration for tif + rey, but also to have an truly meaningful experience themselves.

we were definitely ‘de-vendorised’:)

I knew I was fortunate to be a part of it.

tifani and reyhan’s day:
preparations: o’reilly’s rainforest retreat
ceremony + reception: canungra valley vineyard
photography: aurelie + gabe from studio impressions