10 fantastic years.

A decade.

I’ve been telling wedding stories for 10 years.

It sounds like a long time but it’s happened in the blink of an eye.

I still get butterflies before each day. Still pull over on the way to check and double check I have all my gear. Ha – it sounds funny admitting that.

I’m still inspired by every single couple + learn something from each one of them.

I feel truly blessed to do what I do.

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing something like this for a while; weaving together real feedback with actual footage from the day, and now seemed like the perfect time.

To commemorate 10 years I’m also offering a very special opportunity for anyone getting married who may have been sitting on the fence about hiring me for their wedding…

20% off.

Yep…take 20% from package and extras for any new bookings.

Just get them to mention this film + offer when they get in touch.

Not sure how long I’ll keep this going for, so it’ll definitely be worth their while to be early.

Please share + tag anyone getting married.

Thanks for watching

Every brand has a story.

Every product, service and brand has a story behind it.

They all started with a seed; an idea, a thought, a passion.

The story that’s behind the brand helps customers relate and connect to what it is that you do, offer, or represent. Done well, the power of quality film not only educates potential clients + customers, it truly engages them.

Everything I do is driven by story. Conveying what’s happening, whether big or subtle, and interpreting that through light, camera movement, the lens and into the edit suite to really shape and mould it into something honest and meaningful.

This careful listening + observational approach is 100% applicable to businesses or brands that need to get their message out there. To really connect the viewer and deliver something emotive and powerful.

Over the last few years I’ve produced brand films for quite a few different industries – from boutique photographers to farmers to international airlines and everything in between.

There’s been innumerable studies about the power of high end video and how large a portion of internet traffic it takes up now. Put simply – if you don’t have video, you’re missing a big part of the picture

If you felt engaged by what you’ve seen of what I do, and need your brands story told or a message delivered…get in touch.

Would love to start a conversation.

Every brand has a story behind it. Tell yours well.

gemma and darren / sirromet winery

G + D + H + C + N + Z.

The Hodgetts family became official.

Lots of words running through my head as I sit to write this blog post but I’m pretty sure none will sufficiently do.

Gemma had been following my work for about 3 years before getting in touch. That’s a big deal for me and a ton of expectation.

I trust I did your story justice.

Thanks for watching.

a massive thanks to the wonderful Dee from pink & purple passing on my details. Gemma’s best friend + florist + planner extraordinaire.

Neil Mcwaters - Absolutely loved it Gem, had the tissues close by. Xxx

Maggie and Luke / brisbane wedding feature film

Maggie: “Oh hey Matt. When Luke proposed, he gave his phone to the restaurant waiter to film it. Do you think you’d be able to use it at all?”

Me: “Ummm…hell yes.”

Here’s Maggie and Luke’s feature film.

Thanks for watching.