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don’t rush.

there’s absolutely no hurry.

take your time.

pause a little.

and savour every single, precious moment.

this is your day.

breathe all of it in.

let this wonderful day wash over you.

allissa and grant.

allissa and grant’s ingredients:
photography: justin / bushturkey studio
co-ordination: Maria/Divinity Signature Events
celebrant: michelle patterson

5 thoughts on “allissa and grant / deux belettes highlights

  1. At home over the weekend and whilst riding trains, trams and busses on the way to and from work, all over Australia, our wonderful friends and family have been smiling, laughing and shedding tears whilst watching your magnificent film. Thanks again Matt. We’re off to watch again!

  2. What a wonderful clip. I love how this couple cherished their family heirlooms – how special that you were able to capture this! A beautiful bride and stunning decorations.

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